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Company's history
  • December 2012,achieved Quanta vendor code.
  • October 2011,achieved JUTENG vendor code.
  • August 2011,achieved ASUS vendor code
  • April 2011,achieved OKWAP vendor code.
  • April 2011,achieved Qisda vendor code.
  • December 2010,successfully realized encryption security on metal logo .
  • 2010,Suzhou office was established. July 2010, achieved Shenzhen BYD vendor code. August 2010, R&D success of stainless steel split plate, and got the big customer approval.
  • 2009,Qingdao Office was established. June 2010, through the audit of the world computer OEM company, and got DELL's approval.
  • 2009,successfully developed plating copper on LG phone plastic shell for the antenna, and mass produced.
  • 2008,with many domestic and foreign mobile phone manufacturers, established cooperative relations and laid good foundation for the company's development.
  • December 2007,began to produce electroformed logo for MOTOROLA phone.