• December 2012,achieved Quanta vendor code.
  • October 2011,achieved JUTENG vendor code.
  • August 2011,achieved ASUS vendor code
  • April 2011,achieved OKWAP vendor code.
  • April 2011,achieved Qisda vendor code.
  • December 2010,successfully realized encryption security on metal logo .
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Runer is a precision signs and decorative product solutions company, providing comprehensive development, production and after-sales service for the surrounding global electronic product company. We provide a complete product development management, to help customers bring new products into the market more quickly, improve the efficiency of.
The company is located in Qingdao "1 hour economic circle", south of the Yangtze River Delta city group, according to the North economic circle of Beijing Tianjin Tangshan, the hinterland of the Central Plains west of the vast east, South Korea, japan. 80 km away from Qingdao airport, Qin…